Form Steps to Fill out Online 8962 IRS
Form Steps to Fill out Online 8962 IRS

IRS 8962 Form (Premium Tax Credit) 2018-2019

Steps to Fill out Online 8962 IRS Form

An individual needs 8962 Form to claim the Premium Tax Credit. It is used to report your credit amount on your tax return and reconcile the advance credit payments made on your behalf.

You can apply digital IRS form 8962 to learn your PTC amount. To speed the process try out online blanks in PDF. It’s only required to fill empty fields with your data. Work via any of your device (PC, tablet, smartphone) with any OS (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux).

Open the blank sample and pay attention to the field labels in order to provide appropriate and correct information. Read the instruction below to learn the sequence of the document filling.

  1. Provide the name as shown in your return and your social security number at the top of the sheet.
  2. Start filling out Part I. Write the number of exemptions from 1040 Form or 1040A Form. Indicate the amounts related to modified AGI. In order to get Household income, enter the amounts on lines 2a, 2b and 3. Complete fields from 4 to 8 with corresponding data.
  3. In Part III choose the appropriate option on lines 9 and 10. Then proceed to line 11 and fill it out with the annual totals. In the next table provide the monthly amounts. Lines from 12 to 23 are intended for amounts. Below indicate the Total premium tax credit, Advance payment of PTC and Net premium tax credit from field 24 to 26.
  4. On line 27 specify Excess advance payment of PTC. The Repayment limitation has to be provided under 28.
  5. Indicate the shared policy allocations in Part IV from line 30 to 33. There are subparagraphs to complete with the Policy Number, SSN of other taxpayer, the Allocation start month and the Allocation stop month, the Premium Percentage, the SLCSP Percentage and the Advance Payment of the PTC Percentage.
  6. Part V requires information about the Alternative entries for your SSN and for your spouse’s SSN.

Check all the provided information and correct mistakes if found any. Make sure that you have entered only truthful and correct data. Incorrect applications may lead to many different disagreeables. Download the created IRS 8962 Form to your device and forward it via email, fax or sms. If necessary, print out the document.