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One of the most challenging topics that we're addressing now is is most definitely the Affordable Care Act Obamacare right there's a lot of unintended consequences there's a lot of challenges and there's just a lot of moving parts depending on the family dynamics of the taxpayer so there's you know 50 different scenarios that we run across during the tax season and what we've tried to do in the pro web and I think we're pretty clever about it and in getting 90% of it taken into consideration is we have our own little health insurance module so this is your health insurance questionnaire the question that we start with is did you or your family have health insurance at any time in 2021 answer is yes if you answer no boom you're penalized end of story you know keep it moving if you did well then we have a follow-up question all right click continue did you purchase health insurance via or state marketplace yes or no if we say yes then the assumption is that you're going to receive a 1095 a if you say no then you didn't but did everybody have coverage all year around so there will be a follow-up question for that as well we'll say yes we'd bought it through the dang marketplace and here's everybody that was in our household so you can see verified household members if there's additional household members that are listed as a dependent not below if you have any additional members that are neither spouse or dependent add a new member so you could go over here and you can add a member or you can add a dependent we're just gonna click continue and say this is the entirety of our home was the entire household insured for all 12 months if you say no then who wasn't insured for all 12 months and we need to go in and elect them in two or four the appropriate number of months that they were covered I'm gonna say yes everybody was covered did you receive a 1095 a premium tax credit assistance did you get an advance premium tax credit basically did you how come a hundred percent out-of-pocket for all of it or did you receive a subsidy to offset or to assist you in paying the premiums for your health coverage so do all the 1095 coverage - January through December so I am creating here the ideal scenario this would be the best-case scenario that really doesn't exist you know this is your pink unicorn everything just lines up they have one 1095-a everybody was covered from January to December and the premium amounts were uniform for the entire year well wish it was that simple all of our experienced tax preparers know that it's not quite that easy so I'm gonna click no here and then we just earned ourselves a whole boatload of entries 36 entries right if.